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How Does Housing Supply Affect Affordability?

There have been a fair few questions raised about the state of Sydney's housing market in recent months. Lending activity is booming as investors and homebuyers from all over the country scramble to secure a slice of real estate in the New South Wales capital. Prices have shattered records and many people are wondering: Will the market ever slow down? And how can the city provide enough homes to meet the soaring demand?

How to Draw Up a Budget

Keeping on top of your savings can be a challenging process. Juggling debts, repayments and everyday expenses can leave you exhausted and unsure of where you stand financially. You aren't alone in this scenario.

How to Buy at Auction

Many buyers relish the competition and sense of intrigue that buying at auction lends - but for those less experienced with purchasing in this way, it can seem intimidating.

Sydney House Prices on The Rise

House prices are topic of the moment. Whether you're taking out home loans to purchase a property, or in the market to sell, you will likely have an interest in where values could be headed over the coming months. If recent research from CoreLogic RP Data is anything to go by, property prices in Sydney look to be continuing their rapid rise.

What to Look for When Buying a House

Purchasing a home is one of life's biggest milestones. Home loan repayments are also likely to be one of the biggest ongoing costs you will have to deal with in your lifetime, which can make the search for a suitable property all the more daunting.