Fitness at the NSW Police Headquarters

We recently spoke with Sergeant Julie Lindsay about her role as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) at the new refurbished Gym located at Police Headquarters in Parramatta.

What is the role of a PTI and what does the training usually involve?

One of the main roles of the Physical Training Instructors is to provide induction fitness programs. I would estimate to have conducted around 120 inductions since last year. The inductions usually involve the safety of the gym room and operation of equipment. I also offer on-going consultation once individuals have started their programs as well as write-up fitness plans, provide wellbeing advice and conduct occasional fitness sessions. We are also involved in Operational Support Group (OSG) testing and re-accreditation, and generally ensure overall the gym is operating as effectively as possible.

What qualifications/experience is required for being a PTI?

A Certificate III in Fitness is required and run by NSW Tafe internally. There is also an ongoing bi-annual re-accreditation to maintain certification along with a general love of fitness and wellbeing.

You are also a Sergeant connected with SCC Gangs. How do you balance this role with your PTI duties?

Fitness is part of my life, it is something I am really passionate about. Without fitness I would not be able to work with a clear mind or healthy body effectively. I work in one of the best Commands that allow their tactical members to train at the commencement of their shift and my bosses are also very passionate about their own fitness which promotes a supportive environment.

How does the Gym help to improve Police Officers welfare and help them recover?

It assists Officers both with a healthy mind and body. Exercise can not only assist people with injury recovery by building up strength but also increasing range of movement and general fitness levels to ensure injuries are prevented. Training on a regular basis also gives people a real sense of purpose and accomplishment. The environment in the gym creates good morale and positive social interaction as most people know each other.

We understand that your husband has recently been through rehab at the gym, how is his progress?

My husband, Acting Superintendent Toby Lindsay (pictured above), underwent his 7th spinal surgery in December after an accident at work. He returned to duties in February significantly earlier than he should have through dedicated pre and post exercising. The exercise he did prior to surgery made a significant difference to the time he spent off compared to previous surgeries. He has also lost a lot of weight during the process which only alleviates his condition.

We understand the Gym recently underwent a refurbishment, what differences has it made to training and rehabilitation?

The upgrade has been great, it has really motivated a variety of Police and civilians and significantly increased its usage. Since the refurbishment, the PTI’s have conducted hundreds of inductions to staff members to get them exercising. I’m pleased to report many have found new levels of motivation to train due to the upgrade. A number of Commands have come on board and run ‘Biggest Loser Challenges’ and supported their staff in using the gym during lunch hours. Overall there seems to bea significant more amount of people using the gym since the upgrade which will only translate into better minds and bodies throughout the NSW Police Force.

To support the great work at the Gym, Police Bank has recently purchased a Recumbent Training Bike. What will the Bike be used for?

There are a significant number of staff with injuries, on return to work plans and of various ages. This recumbent bike will be used by many of these type of people to assist with their exercise programs, and others who simply do not like the racing style of the ‘spin’ bikes in the gym. We are really appreciative of the support from Police Bank, the new bike will be well utilised.