1 in 4 Australian adults were hit by cybercrime last year. Let’s unite to reverse the threat of cybercrime.

We can all take simple actions to keep ourselves, our families and businesses protected when connected. Stop cybercriminals from getting the keys to your life – lock down your online security today!

Passwords and two-factor authentication

  • Passwords are the first line of defence against cybercriminals
  • Think of your password like a key – instead of unlocking a door, it unlocks your online life
  • Create stong passwords an use a different password for all of your accounts
  • Add an extra layer of defence with two-factor authentication


  • Phishing is one of the most common online scams
  • They can be emails, SMS or come through social media and try to trick you into giving away your personal info, your online banking logins or credit card details
  • If you receive a suspicious message, do not click on any links or open any attachments

Software Updates

  • Updating your software is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself online
  • Take the time to install software updates as soon as they become available – better yet, set your system preferences to update automatically
  • These updates add new features, install bug fixes and fix security holes that could let cybercriminals in

Public Wifi

  • Public Wi-Fi isn’t always safe – without the right protection cybercriminals may be able to see your information
  • Up your protection when you use public Wi-Fi: turn off any auto-connects, avoid online shopping or banking and look more closely for rogue hotspots