Workplace Giving and
Social Engagement

Sydney White Ribbon Walk

White Ribbon Australia raises awareness and focuses on primary prevention against all forms of abuse including physical, financial, emotional, verbal, social, sexual, stalking and spiritual. The Sydney White Ribbon Walk from Randwick to Coogee is a Community event organised by NSW Police Eastern Beaches LAC and Randwick City Council and helps raise funds for White Ribbon Australia.

The community is made aware of domestic violence and asks men to stand up and say no to violence against women. Police Bank are proud to support the Sydney White Ribbon Walk and have donated over $2000 to White Ribbon Australia.

Wear it Purple

Police Bank Staff from Port Macquarie to Goulburn took part and celebrated Wear it Purple day alongside the NSW Police Force and the community. Wear it Purple Day is about fostering supportive, safe and accepting environments for rainbow young people, and reminding everyone that we all have the right to be proud of who we are.

To help raise awareness and support for the day Police Bank Staff held delicious purple and rainbow morning teas, and The NSW Police Band performed at Hyde Park entertaining the crowds while the BBQ sizzled away. Police Bank and Staff donated over $2,000 to Wear It Purple Day, and are proud to continually support the wider community.

Bleed 4 Blue

In honour of our Police Family who every day protect and serve our community, the Police Bank team have rolled up their sleeves and helped to contribute to the #bleed4blue campaign by donating blood to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

The NSW Police Force and the Police Association of NSW have put out the Bleed 4 Blue challenge to Police Officers across Australia to donate blood. The challenge has come about after the stabbing of Detective Sergeant John Breda required more than 44 bags of blood to save his life while in the line of duty. If you would also like to roll up your sleeves and donate to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, please visit