Simple MoneySmart Steps Can Make Real Difference

Today we encourage the local community to get involved in MoneySmart week by using online tools and mobile apps to take control of their finances.

Police Bank is a supporter of MoneySmart week and the easy to use tools available to improve financial circumstances.

“MoneySmart Week represents a chance for people to take just a few moments to review household finances in an easy and fun way,” Bruce Williams, CEO of Police Bank said.

“Reviewing expenditure, doing a budget and taking the Money Health check are simple ways that can help make a difference.

“The Money Health Check reviews your financial situation and suggests an action plan, which is an excellent initiative.”

Customer owned banking institutions including Police Bank are strong supporters of improving financial literacy in our communities to help Members reach their goals for the future.

The Money Health Check is available at

Other tools available are “TrackMySpend”, an app that records expenditure, and a budget planner.

MoneySmart Week was set up last year as an initiative of the Financial Literacy Board.