Police Bank Launches New Dating App


Police Bank leverages its customer database to Match members to their ideal partners.

Police Bank today has announced the launch of Lirpa™ Mobile Dating. Lirpa is an app that matches users with other Police Bank Members who would meet their ideal relationship requirements. The Police Bank ‘Lirpa’ App is available in App stores now.

“We know that dating in the Police Force can be a difficult challenge. There often isn’t a lot of time for Police Officers to date and establish whether a relationship will flourish or fail.” said Police Bank Head of Digital Relationships, Olaf Spirol.

“Lirpa can cut the groundwork of establishing a romantic relationship, matching members whose interests complement each other. The app is designed to integrate directly into the policing lifestyle.”

Police Bank have been working closely with a team of psychologists to develop an algorithm that analyses and matches Members to establish patterns that reflect psychological traits. From here, these traits are compared to all members in the database and a score is given reflecting the compatibility of the relationship.

“We’ve found over 90% compatibility in Lirpa. We think that there is a lot of romance waiting in the Police Bank community!”

Upon registering, Lirpa will conduct analysis and offer a list of their top 5 matches. Users can choose to accept a match or decline. Once users accept, they will be able to start messaging each other in the in-built messaging service. Lirpa will also be able to automatically arrange a first date based on mutual interests, location and availability on a particular date. There will also be a search function, where members can search for partners themselves, based on the information provided in their profiles.

“This is just one way that we are using our services to offer better products to our Members.”

Get started today! Visit www.slooflirpa.com.au.