Introducing myDynamo by Police Bank

myDynamo is Police Bank’s new financial literacy app – aimed at assisting parents to teach their children vital money skills. It consists of 2 apps myDynamo Coach for parents and myDynamo for kids, allowing the exchange of chores for pocket money in a fun, interactive and educational way.

How it works

For Parents

  • Create chores with ease, on either daily, weekly or monthly schedules. When your child says they’re done, you have the option to verify if the chore is completed (via photo through the app) or reject and suggest they actually clean their room instead of hiding all the clothes in the corner.
  • Assist in setting up savings goals taking advantage of the financial lesson moments that myDynamo can create.
  • Watch your child do their chores, without the need of nagging. You might even find they ask for more!
  • Pay their pocket money simply through the app.

For Kids

  • Setup goals to save for the new craze of the season, track your progress, and celebrate when you hit that target!
  • When pocket money pay day arrives, decide how much to save and how much you want as spending money.
  • Mark off completed chores, take picture evidence, and feel excitement as you work towards your savings goal.