Police Bank’s newest way to pay is a breath of fresh air

Police Bank is proud to announce the launch of BreathPay, an innovative new way to make payments exclusive to Police Bank Members. BreathPay uses Respiratory Breath Technology developed by Police Bank in partnership with the NSW Police and will transform the way payments are made. Leave your wallet and phone at home, and continue to make payments with just a simple breath.

“The idea dawned on me during a random breath test – imagine if you could make payments with just your breath! As the NSW Police have already developed and use similar technology, we approached them to make BreathPay a reality. You don’t need anything on you – it’s the ideal way to pay.” said Police Bank Head of Biometric Analysis, Olaf Spirol.

To begin using BreathPay, you will first need to register your breath by sending a breath sample in a Respiratory Breath Technology (RBT) Balloon to the National Exhausted Ventilation Identification Service (NEVIS). Once registered, simply blow into the terminal hole at the top of any EFTPOS machine for 10 seconds, where your breath sample will be analysed against the NEVIS database in realtime to complete your payment.

Police Bank CEO Tony Taylor said “This technology is revolutionary and I am very proud that we are at the forefront. It has however brought about a new fraud risk – breath theft. We are working closely with the NSW Police Fraud Squad to mitigate the impact of breath theft for when we launch BreathPay. We advise Members to take precautionary measures, such as holding your breath around suspicious individuals and to avoid blowing up balloons in public.”

To begin using this revolutionary Respiratory Breath Technology, you can register at www.policebank.com.au/breathpay.