Invisible reCAPTCHA now on Internet & Mobile Banking

Introducing Google Invisible reCAPTCHA for Police Bank Mobile and Internet Banking. It’s a system that uses state of the art spam and abuse protection whilst providing a better online experience. You will notice the Google reCAPTCHA icon in the corner of the browser when logging on.


The great news is that Google Invisible reCAPTCHA lives up to its name and is generally invisible to legitimate users. The platform detects human behaviour and allows you to login effortlessly without having to decipher hard to read text from scrambled images.

If the system is in doubt it will ask you some simple questions to determine that you are a person and not a bot, see example below:


You simply answer the question and tap ‘Verify’ to login.

If you are unable to complete the question presented to you, an alternative is selecting the audio icon (headphones), which will play an audible series of numbers for you to manually enter as seen here:

If you have any queries or concerns, please call our Contact Centre on 131 728.