At Police Bank we focus on making sure we lend responsibly, but we understand that your circumstances can change due to factors such as a change in your employment status, illness, relationship breakdown or emergency.

We have always attempted to provide mortgage/loan relief options to our Members and will continue to do so. In fact this approach has been part of the way that we do business with our Members since inception of Police Bank.

Police Bank will always be open to discussing with Members in financial difficulty the best options available. Working with you we can make an assessment of how best to assist you and your family based on your ability to meet the obligations of your loan. This is the high standard of Police Bank service we have always applied.

Police Bank will work with your authorised representative, should you prefer a third party to assist you work through your financial situation. This may be a family member or a language interpreter or more formally – a tax agent, solicitor, power of attorney or a financial counsellor. We will ask that you provide written authority to discuss your financial situation under these circumstances.

Any Member wishing to discuss their current financial circumstances should ring our Assistance Centre on 131 728.

How to Apply

Call our Assistance Centre on 131 728. and be connected to our Collections Department, 9am to 5pm weekdays, or Download our Financial Hardship Assistance form, complete and send to us with supporting documentation to either:

Our Collections staff will review your situation and determine how we can assist you manage your financial obligations with us over the short and longer term.

Supporting Documentation

We may ask for support documentation such as payslips, bank statements, medical certificates, written confirmation of arrangements with other creditors and/or letter from Centrelink to help us assess your application and determine if we can provide you with assistance.

What type of assistance can Police Bank provide?

The type of assistance we may be able to provide will vary depending on your individual circumstances. This may include options such as:

  • extending the term of a loan to reduce ongoing repayment;
  • deferring loan repayments for a short period of time;
  • temporarily reducing repayments;
  • refinancing.

These are a guide of potential assistance options only – we need to look at your existing loan or credit card, and your particular circumstances, to see what might be suitable.