1. Log onto SAP.

2. Go to ESS.

3. Go to Personal Details.

4. Go to Bank Details.

5. Go to “Main Bank Account” (for Net pay to Police Bank) or “Other Bank Account” for Part Pay.

6. To keep account active indefinitely, leave the “TO” Date as 31.12.9999.

  • Enter name of Member as it appears on your Police Bank account, press TAB.
  • Enter Suburb, for Police Bank (enter Sydney) and press TAB.
  • Enter BSB 815-000 (you must put in the -).
  • Enter Police Bank Membership Number and press TAB.
  • In Payment Method enter code P.
  • Enter Purpose (not mandatory).
  • Enter Value e.g. 100% (or amount of not net pay).
  • Click the Save Icon.

7. After you have clicked the Save Icon you will be prompted with the question “do you want to continue?”

8. If correct, click Yes to save details. You’re done!